Friday, December 18, 2015

Just call me Nate the Conqueror (of the timing belt)

Morning dawns with a brisk freshness to the air... I awake with an excitement I can't place where from... a picture of my $1000 subaru legacy takes form in my mind
OH YEAH!! today is the day I tangle with the timing belt!!

The water pump went out on it about a week ago and my mechanic informed me that its one of those things that don't fix itself, and as if you're gonna change the water pump out, you might as well replace the timing belt (you gotta take it off anyways to get to the water pump), I struggled with whether I should attempt to fix it myself for the big feather in my cap (not to mention saving money) or whether I would heed the big ***CAUTION*** sign in the auto repair manual for timing belts.  The problem with doing timing belts, is that if you do it wrong you can seriously mess up the engine, thereby turning a $300 job into a $1,000+ job.

so would a modicum of reasonable-ness and caution would rule the day or would I go for the feather?
Needless to say (since i'm here blogging about it), I went for it.  I had to.  Facing one's fears is a noble thing to do, right?  Anyone can pay a professional to do it right, but only a true amatuer mechanic can really mess it up right.
how did it turn out?  God provided a retired mechanic guy to help and the car now resides up in Colorado, running like a old beat down champ, but a champ nonetheless.

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