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So this blog is brought to you by a host of pleasantly carbonated soft drinks heavily infused with high fructose corn syrup and laced with phosphoric acid for a nice sparkly aftertastes...

I am still just learning how to blog - but its going well...I'm still not sure what the 'HTML' button is supposed to be there for...and got alot of gadgets to learn about... I should get out my "creating web pages for Dummies" book and play around with that.

before we go there, I'd like to share this video Ricky Bobby...

that's messed up.  But it does illustrate a point that many of us have a tendency to want to 'create' the Creator in OUR own image...something nice and bite sized that we can wrap our minds around and use for our purposes.
That reminds me of a Tim Keller sermon - to paraphrase:
"If you set the distance from the earth to the sun (which by the way is a fascinating reality in itself) equal to the thinness of one sheet of paper, then the distance to the nearest star would equal a stack of paper seventy-some feet high....and the width of our galaxy would equal a stack of paper 500+ miles high...and our galaxy is one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe.  That isn't the type of person you ask to be your ASSISTANT!"
good point.
Tim Keller is top shelf - listen here. I've listened to more than a few and all are great

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  1. this is a lame post and a lame page! who is writing this nonsense????