Friday, March 15, 2013

dag...i'm really out of shape!

I'm actually STILL a little sore from that crazy workout I did on Tuesday...3 days ago!! but I'm gonna muscle my way thru it again today.
keep on swimming...
keep on swimming...

I love 'Finding Nemo'...tho I haven't seen it in ages.
I suppose the fact that I'm still sore means its a good workout.  The very nice lady from 24hr fitness called me to see how my 3 day free pass was going and I told her I found the perfect workout for me.  She was like 'what is it?' and i was like 'I don't know the name, but its on my blog! I can send it to you!!!'.  I don't think she was really interested tho, cuz she didn't give me her email address. I felt kind of bad to disappoint her, cuz I imagine they get an incentive to sign people up, but this workout is soop'r-doop'r bomb...i'm gonna look like this in NO TIME!!

this test blog is turning into a real blog... maybe I'll keep this one, cuz i'm having fun with it and then just start a NEW one for the 500 mile walk to Santiago de Compostela blog...
yeah, that's the ticket!

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